April 8, 2014

Pre-operative Instructions
  • A light meal is recommended on the night preceding the surgery.
  • The patient should not drink any water in the morning of the day of the surgery.
  • In case of fever or flu, the doctor should be informed in order to postpone the surgery.

Post-operative instructions
  • The consumption of solely soft foods for a period of at least 8 days after the surgery is of primary importance.
  • Some of the recommended foods are the following: mashed potatoes, soups (chicken soup, noodles), burger, jelly, ice-cream, yoghurt etc.
  • On the other hand, foods such as biscuits, cookies, raisins, dry foods, chocolate, bread crust, toast, meat etc should be avoided.
  • An effort for a proper and adequate hydration should be made by the patient after the surgery (minimum intake of water is 4 glasses a day).
  • Contact with many people and going out should be avoided for at least 5 days after the surgery.
  • Should the patient spit blood during the first week, his/her doctor should be immediately informed.

General information
  • The patient may develop fever (up to 38.5 degrees C ) on the first 2 postoperative days.
  • A brief, sharp ear pain may occur (referred pain) usually during the first 3 postoperative days.
  • There may be a distinctive breath odor for seven post operative days, while the area of the tonsillectomy may have a distinctive white color. 
  • On postoperative day 1 the salivary output may be increased and pink in color.
  • Weight loss of 1 or 2 kilos may be noticed during the first postoperative week.